Developing life skills through an affinity for the sea

We were founded in 2012 by a group of sailors who realized that a sailboat is an excellent classroom and that sailing is a practical way to reinforce all kinds of learning. Our hands-on programs are built around water related activities. We engage our students in a practical approach to learning.

We strongly believe that finances, as well as physical and cognitive abilities, should never be a barrier to developing an affinity to the sea. Individual and group scholarships are available.

Located on the Chesapeake Bay and working out of Baltimore, we instill an affinity for the sea in all we do.



Our Founder

Steve Maddox has a passion for sailing and education.  He and his wife, Suzanne, learn to sail together as adults on a 14′ dinghy.  They both continued to expand their sailing knowledge and experience. After building their own confidence and teaching their children to sail, they started the nonprofit SeaAffinity.

Steve earned his US Sailing smallboat instructor and coach certifications and then went on to become an instructor trainer.  He then moved on to keel boat and powerboat instructor certifications.  He was appointed Master Instructor Trainer and recruited to join the US Sailing National Faculty.  Steve has earned both the Virginia Long and the Timothea Larr awards for outstand contributions to US Sailing.  

Our mission

Challenging youth and adults, including those impacted by disabilities, to develop life skills and realize their potential through water related experiences.

In the setting of a sailing experience, whether a formal lesson or a relaxing sailing trip, we lead participants through a critical thinking process to develop problem solving skills. Through the process we also focus on leadership, communication, patience, attentiveness and team work resulting in higher self-awareness/self-worth.
Acknowledging that all people are created as individuals, we tailor each experience to help those individuals set and achieve attainable personal goals. Individual and group scholarships are available. We strongly believe that finances, as well as physical and cognitive abilities, should never be a barrier to developing an affinity to the sea. This is of primary importance to the nonprofit SeaAffinity.


Our values

We believe our core values should flow though us, into all we do and on to those we serve.
Respect – We believe that respect is earned and the best way to earn respect is by showing respect. We strive to instill an attitude of respect in all of our participants – respect for ourselves, respect for all those around us, respect for all of our resources and respect of the environment.
Integrity – We believe that integrity is built through honesty, fairness and reliability. We strive to instill integrity in all our participants by modeling truthfulness, accountability and ethical behavior in all our actions.
Vision – We believe that we need to have a clear vision of who we are and of our potential. We strive to instill the ability to see ourselves for who we are as well as what we can become.
Education – We believe that education is a sure method to realize our potential. We strive to instill an eagerness to learn by making lessons fun, engaging, and relevant.
Responsibility – We believe that all of us, both individually and as a society, need to take responsibility for our actions. We strive to educate ourselves and our participants so we can make wise choices and be responsible for the outcomes.